Overhead/Gantry Crane Manufacturers Testing Center

2016-10-11 16:44

Overhead Crane,Gantry Crane, Double Girder EOT Crane, Single Girder EOT Crane Technical examining and testing center was established in August, 2004, covers an area of  more than 1000 ㎡. In July, 2007, we were formally recognized through China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. Our test report in the recognized range can not only used in China but also more than 60 nations internationally. In March, 2009, we were appointed as the regular testing machanism by Henan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. It not only improve our quality control and test level, but also strengthen our competitiveness which benefits us in exportation. At the same time, authorized by Henan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, we have rights to test exported cranes and their parts from other trading companies. There are seven testing room in the center, named as physical testing roon, metallographic analysis room, nondestructive testing room, measuring room, chemical testing room, crane testing room and  electrical laboratory.   
Physical test: advanced equipments are allocated, namely,  CHT4106 type electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine with maximum load of 1000KN, WEW-300C type hydraulic universal material testing machine with maximum load of 300KN, JB-300B type impacting testing machine with maximum impacting power of 300J, brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, HT320 hardness tester. Special sample preparation equipments are also allocated, such as surface grinding machine, universal tool milling machine, electric spark wire cutting machine, notch for broaching machine. You can carry out mechanical property test like tension, compress, bending, cutting, impacting (low-temperature impacting) etc. and also surface rockwell hardness like foundry goods(iron, steel) hardness,  alloy material hardness, plating coat, carburizing, non-ferrous metal etc.
1000kN Computer control electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine
Measuring room: It is mainly in charge of transferring and tracing instruments' values. We are Henan Province A-grade qualified Measuring company.  By authorization, we can verify by ourself length mearing tools. In 2009, we were awarded as Henan Province Advanced Measuring Company with main instruments like projection one meter measuring machine, universal tool microscope and other measuring standard.
length calibration
Electrical laboratory: we have modern training and teaching equipments in the laboratory, including PLC control system, human interface system, AC variable frequency drive system, field bus system and varieties of industrial configuration software systems like PROFIBUS-DP,C-LINK etc. They represent the most advanced automation and transmission platform nowadays, which will bear the function of training and technical research of electrical automation and transmission systems in the industry of crane and machines.
Electrical laboratory
Chemical Analysis:  the most advanced instruments are equipped in  the test room, such as HW-2000 type high-frequency  infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, HGA-3B Manganese silicon phosphorus microcomputer high speed analyzer, UV-4802 type ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer. They can meet requirements of all kinds of steel alloy element analysis like C、S、Mn、P、Si、Cu、Ni、Cr、Mo、Ti etc.
 high-frequency  infrared carbon and sulfur analysis
Metallographic Analysis: XJL-03 type metallographic microscope which can be enlarged 800 times is allocated to test metallographic  structure in the low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, low alloy steel, foundry steel, weld technique etc. and microstructure in the rau material (foundry iron, graphite form).
metallographic microscope
Non-destructive test: there are two testor with Ⅲ grade qualification and four Ⅱ grade. More than ten pieces of instruments are allocated, namely, X-ray detector, multi-purpose magnetic detection machines, numerical ultrasonic flaw detector. All kinds of non-destructive detection can be carried out here, such as main girder weld, cable drum, hook, steel plate, high-strength bolts, steel tube, small diameter tube and axis etc.
Non-destructive detection
Welding procedure is an important measurement to guarantee weld quality. Through welding procedure evaluation, it can be tested whether the functional performance of welded joint meets desigh requirement and provide reliable basis for welding technology. We have solid technical strenght and full equipments so that we can carry out evaluation of welded joint and issue evaluation reports.
Crane testing: the equipped instruments are mainly whole crane testing counter, electric hoist testing counter, theodolite, photoelectric tachometer, sound level meter, dynamic resistance strain instrument , static resistance strain gauge etc. Almost all kinds of test can be carried out, such as main girder camber, bending, vertical divergence between main girder and web plate, local plane, horizontal divergence of upper flange plate, trolley rail height difference, crane rail local plane, span deviation, bridge diagonal,  trolley gauge limit deviation, rail lateral straightness, trolley wheel height difference, wheel parity error, radial runout, motor insulation, static stiffness, static loading test, dynamic loading test and so on.

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