Wire Rope Hoist VS Chain Hoist

2016-10-28 10:38

Wire Rope Hoist VS Chain Hoist Wire Rope Hoist VS Chain Hoist
Wire Rope Hoist and Chain Hoist are widely used. Wire Rope Hoist cost performance is higher, occupies the main position in electric hoist market. People often ask the difference between the two kinds of electric hoists, what are the advantages and disadvantages? how to choose? Here we explain the above questions.

Electric Hoist is Winch configuration equipment, it has what the winch has, but there are also many other parts that the winch do not has.
Winch hoist operation is driven by external force (such as motor), then through electromagnetic brake and lock brake control running under no power, at the same time speed reduction through the driving of motor, driving wheel disc running, it can roll cable or other things on the wheel disc, this is called the winch hoist.

These two types electric hoists are mainly composed of motor, reducer, brake drum or chain wheel, wire rope or chain, hook and electrical parts. Electric hoist working principle is similar, but due to the different structure of the part, resulting in the use of performance is somewhat different. The following will be described separately:

Motor: Wire Rope Hoist CD/MD type, using conical rotor motor, while chain hoist use cylindrical rotor motor; braking principle is same, both under power, the brake disc and the end cap separated, under power-off, spring braking, making brake locking. In addition, during the two speeds electric hoist, Wire Rope Hoist CD/MD Wire type, use of 2 lifting motors, while the chain hoist use one motor with two sets of winding.

Transmission power structure: wire rope electric hoist, use of drum, through rope guide orderly winding wire rope in the drum roll. Electric chain hoist, using the sprocket wheel, put the chain into the inner chain.

Operation scope: wire rope electric hoist often used in single girder overhead crane and single girder gantry crane, especially large tonnage crane above 5 ton, Wire Rope Hoist CD/MD type with absolute advantage. Chain electric hoist often used in the crane under 5 ton, especially in the assembly line, wind power and other projects, jib crane, KBK and related lightweight small cranes, mostly use chain electric hoists.

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