Outdoor Gantry Crane Electrical Parts Use in Summer

2016-09-01 21:11

A Frame Gantry Crane Crane Electrical parts
             A Frame Gantry Crane                                          Crane Electrical Parts

In addition, the most important is the crane electrical parts. Outdoor gantry crane general installation environment requires: Minimum ambient temperature -5 , maximum ambient temperature of 40 . Studies have shown that with temperature increasing, the failure rate of the crane electric part rising, while crane service life reduction. To ensure long-term stable and reliable crane operation in summer high temperature, the key lies in daily maintenance.
In short, during the summer crane maintenance, installation should pay attention to the environment temperature, periodic cleaning dust inside the electrical components, ensure that the cooling air duct patency. Strengthen crane parts inspection, electrical lines and the surrounding environment. Check whether the terminals are tightened to ensure that all electrical circuit connections correct and reliable.

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