Single Girder Gantry Crane or Double Girder Gantry Crane

2020-03-01 09:59

In the selection of gantry crane, first is to undertake a comprehensive consideration on lifting equipment operation environment, choose the cranes to suit the requirements of the user, not only to avoid wasteful spending, but also to ensure the successful completion of the work. How to choose the suitable gantry cranes? Crane Manufacturers Weihua to provide you some suggestions.
(1). Selection of single girder and double girder gantry crane
Under normal circumstances, from the lifting capacity of 50t or less, in the span of less than 35m, no special requirements, should use single girder gantry crane. If you require a large gantry leg width, high working speed, high frequent work rate or regularly lifting heavy parts, large pieces, it should better to choose double girder gantry crane.
(2) Span and cantilever length
Gantry crane span is an important factor in the its self-weight. During selection, to meet the conditions of use and the span series standards, it should minimize span.
(3) To ensure the dimensions of cargo passed legs, to meet stability requirements of gantry crane along the track direction.
(4) Gantry crane spacing size confirm
At work, certain space should be left between the external dimensions of gantry crane, yard goods and cargo transport vehicles passage, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations.

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