High Quality Crane Certificates We Got - Overhead Crane Ⅰ

2016-09-07 20:03

1. Single trolley industrial crane test in China First Heavy Industries hydrogenation reactor company
Industrial hoists lifting capacity: 600 ton / 150 ton, span 33m, working class: A5
    Industrial crane manufacturing certificate:
Industrial Crane Certificate

Industrial Overhead Crane

2. Double trolley Industrial crane test in Dalian Heavy Industries Company
Industrial crane hoisting capacity: 300 ton / 50 tom, span 40m, working class: A5

Structure type: main beam is side rail box girder, double trolley with main and auxiliary winch; frequency control, long traveling total of 24 crane wheels, driver’s cabin control.

   Industrial overhead crane manufacturing certificate:

   Industrial overhead crane Certificate

  Industrial crane picture:

Industrial crane.

3. Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane test in Shanxi Coal Chemical Machinery
Double girder overhead crane lifting capacity: 380 ton / 80 tom, span 40m, working class: A5

Overhead traveling crane specification: main beam is side rail box girder, main and aux. trolley winch; crane long traveling total of 16 wheels, driver’s cabin control, crane hook used as lifting spreader.

   Double girder crane manufacturing certificate:
Double girder crane Certificate
   Double girder overhead traveling crane picture:
Double girder overhead traveling crane

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