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2016-09-07 20:02

4. Single Girder Crane acceptance test in November, 2014 in China Helicopter Research Institute.
Single girder overhead crane lifting capacity: 15 ton, span 28m, working class: A4
Monorail crane system: Multi-supports underhung crane, main beam is box-type structure, end beams are shaped steel welding structure, which are located at two ends and middle of crane span, remote control, hook   used as crane lifting spreader.   
Single girder crane manufacturing certificate:
Single girder crane certificate
Single girder underhung crane picture:
Single girder underhung crane picture

5. Three trolley factory crane (special for paper factory) acceptance test in Dongguan Jianhui Paper mill.
Paper mill crane lifting capacity: 50 ton, span 36.2m, working class: A5
Factory crane system: main beam is side rail box girder, three trolley winch, each trolley equipped with a winch system which consists of motor, brake and reducer, hook used as crane lifting spreader, long traveling total of 8 crane wheels, ground pendant remote control.
Factory crane manufacturing certificate:
Factory crane certificate
Three Trolley Factory overhead crane picture:
Three Trolley Factory overhead crane picture

6. Casting crane (multi-purpose aluminum electrolytic unit): PTM 25 ton - 28.5m, working class A7.
Casting crane structure type: double girder , two girders are side rail box girder, where girderⅠarranged with two tracks, there runs a tool trolley between its inner raceway and girderⅡtrack, on the outside of the track   running an out of aluminum trolley, on the main beamⅡside arranged two fixed wire rope electric hoist, the two fixed wire rope hoists mainly used for hoisting bus stand; Tool trolley equipped with crust breaker, discharging device, replace anode device which can complete auxiliary project during aluminum electrolysis.

   Casting crane manufacturing certificate:
Casting crane certificate
Casting crane picture:
Casting crane picture

7. New type single girder overhead crane finished manufacturing in August 2014, and acceptance test in October, 2014 in Dalian University.
Lifting capacity: 10 ton / 5 ton, span 18.08m, working class A5
Advanced single girder crane structure is new European type, similar to Demag cranes or Konecranes: Main beam box-type; end beam is rectangular tube steel structure. Lifting mechanism use new type 5 ton and 10 ton wire rope hoist, ground pendant and remote control, hook used as crane lifting spreader.
  New type single girder crane manufacturing certificate:
Single girder crane certificate
Single girder overhead crane

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