Overhead Gantry Crane Working in High Temperature

2016-08-24 23:56

Summer temperatures is high, in some areas even up to 40 ° or higher, especially outdoor work gantry cranes. Generally, when choose cranes we'll provide custom crane according to local temperature; crane used in high temperature area, should adopt heat-resistant material, especially steel material, power supply cable, etc. while cold resistance material used in cold areas. In addition, long time working at high temperature, be sure to regularly check the crane; relatively speaking, indoor use bridge crane is much better, because it is for indoor use, so there is little environmental impact of the weather, but for special cranes, such as casting crane, its working conditions is poor, mainly in high temperature, high dust, even in environment containing harmful gases. According to the actual working environment, overhead crane electrical room should equipped with insulation and dust proof, cooling fan and other cooling measures.

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